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Top 10 Best VPN Service Reviews

There are literally hundreds of VPN services available across the world.  Knowing which one is the best for your needs can be difficult and confusing.  To help put this all into perspective we put together several lists of top VPN providers by category.  Each list will be followed by a short write up of the services and then a link to a detailed VPN review for each service.  If at any time you have questions about these top VPN services please contact us or visit the page for that service and contact their support teams.

Top VPN Services

Hide My Ass VPN

Hide My Ass is more than just a clever name. It is a full-service and comprehensive VPN client with a number of additional services, all with one goal in mind: online privacy, security, and anonymity. Hide My Ass (HMA), provides one of the best software clients you will find, coupled with customer service to match, making it the go to solution for many VPN users.Learn more about this top service in our Hide My Ass Review.


Based in the United State, StrongVPN is a large and popular provider of virtual private networks. There have been some issues regarding its reputation and attitude around privacy. Their privacy policy seems adequate on paper, but they have developed a reputation of taking immediate action against those sharing files on torrents. StrongVPN has also been found to not be the most forthcoming when it comes to details regarding their technical security. Learn more about this top rated VPN in our StrongVPN Review.

Express VPN

The simplicity of the Express VPN service is what makes so many people choose this as their VPN service.  With both computer and mobile applications, Express VPN has quickly become one of the easiest services to get up and running for any level of user.  Learn more about this top level service in our Express VPN Review.


With a major endorsement from TorrentFreak, an activist website that promotes torrent privacy, BTGuard has become a very popular service.  With an obvious emphasis toward bit torrent users this particular service is a prime destination for those who want to downloads lots of information.  They do have full VPN services and you can read more about them in our BTGuard Review.

HotSpot Shield

Simplicity, simplicity, simplicity.  If you are not a technical user then HotSpot Shield may be a godsend. While not a big winner with the super technical crowd this effecitve and very simple platform has become a big hit with those just looking for a solid VPN.  Learn more in our HotSpot Shield review HERE.

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Nord VPN


Vypr VPN



Steganos Online Shield

F-Secure Freedome

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