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Top 10 Best Password Managers

Finding the best password manager for your needs takes knowing the different products on the market. It has become increasingly necessary to turn to an independent method for keeping your passwords in order. Because having secure passwords is our second step, after employing a VPN, and is paramount to keeping your information secure, we want to make sure you have all the best options.

LastPass Premium

LastPass is a plugin based password manager that stores your passwords in the cloud.  They have a great interface that will sync with multiple devices and works on all major platforms.  The password generator is a nice feature and produces very secure passwords. The price is only $12 per year for individuals and they have great pricing for businesses as well.  You can sign up for LastPass using the link to the left of learn more about all the features of this password management software in our LastPass Review.


Dashlane is frequently mentioned as one of the best password manager. They have some really great features and are right at the top for security.  The reason we dropped them to number two is that you are going to pay for the extra features you get from Dashlane.  at $39.99 per year they are one of the most expensive providers that we have reviewed.  If you are looking for all the bells and whistles then you will pay for it and Dashlane is the cadillac of all password manager services.  Learn more in our Dashlane review.

Sticky Password Premium

Sticky Password brings the usability and a very clean interface.  They have most of the features of the top two and one very appealing feature and that is pricing.  While they have a $19.99 per year price point Sticky Password also has a one time life-time price of $99.  That is a very appealing price point for those of us who plan to keep a password management software going for years to come. Get all the details in our Sticky Password review.

RoboForm Everywhere

Roboform is one of the oldest password managers and one that I used more than 10 years ago.  RoboForm has been passed by by some of the other top managers, but it has slowly gotten its features in line with the market and is moving quickly to close that gap.  See all of its features in our RoboForm review.

LogMeOnce Password Management Suite

A very full featured platform with just about everything you will want.  It is not as elegant as some of the others on this list and the monthly charge for the full suite is $3.25 per month.  The good news is that most people will be more than happy with the $1 per month version. Learn everything about this service in our LogMeOnce review.

Password Boss

Besides having a completely awesome name, Password Boss is a very full featured manager of passwords.  It is lagging behind on the portable side of things but is a great option for your laptop or desktop. They really excel at payment forms with a digital wallet to go along with your normal password management features.  Get all the info in our Password Boss review.

PassPack Pro

PassPack is the most advanced in sharing passwords safely between users.  This means if you are using it for family members or coworkers you can share passwords securely, that is unless your coworkers aren’t trustworthy. Another in a long line of plugin based password management software, get all the details in our PassPack Pro review.

Password Genie

Password Genie is one of the top providers for customer service. The software has all the most important features and it really is competitive with all of the services you see on this list.  The 24 hour chat access to customer service is what really sets them apart.  See all the features for this very good product in our Password Genie review.


1Password brings a lot of convenience to the table.  They are great at importing your current passwords from your browsers and at syncing between devices.  The only downside to this one is that the Mac and PC products are completely separate so you cannot easily go cross platform.  Learn about the pros and cons of this top password manager in our 1Password review.

Zoho Vault

Zoho Vault rounds out our top 10 best password manager software.  It lacks some features of the other but does everything you need it to.  The price is also right at $12 a year.  Learn more about this option for password management in our Zoho Vault review.

Criteria We Use To Evaluate A Password Manager

In order to make our list as objective as possible we decided to set some criteria of what we were looking for in the best password management software.   Since we want to be as open as possible here are the three criteria:


Not only do we look at the features of each platform but how those features work. Can the password manager pick up the passwords from your web browser and if it can is it easy?  What kind of integrations are available and which operating systems will each service work with?

As you read each review you will see how we break these different features down but the main features we were looking for are:

  • Browser Integration
  • Import Competitor product
  • Access From Anywhere
  • Cross Platform Synchronization
  • Autosave
  • Instant Form Filling
  • Categories
  • Password Generation
  • Multiple Identities
  • Sharing with other users
  • Multiple factor authentication

By using these criteria we can safely evaluate and determine the best password managers for features.


Getting your services at the right price is a big deal.  We wanted to make sure that, even if you are not getting every bell and whistle, making a product affordable for everyone would be a bonus to the password keeper rating.  If two pieces of software have the same or similar features but one is half the price of the other.  The lower cost option will get the higher rating.

Customer Service

This one is the most subjective of the group.  Not only did we want to take into account our experience in working with a password manager, but also look at user reviews from across the internet.  Now we know that most of the time online reviews are either made up or only show the people who are the most irritated, so our personal reviewers get the biggest say.  Once again we want your experience with a password keeper service to be the best it can be so customer service seemed like an obvious factor to include.