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Best Identity Theft Protection and Credit Monitoring Services

Identity theft has become a constant threat.  With more and more digital transactions our identity and credit is at risk every day. With the number of reported cases increasing annually and frequent security breaches from large retailers like Target and Wal-Mart it may be necessary to purchase a credit monitoring service for you and your family. The question we always get is where to start?  Do you trust the paid advertisement for some radio show host?  We actually went out and tried all the most well known services and even a few of the lesser known ones to put together our list of best identity theft protection services.

To make it quick and simple we put together a small char but you can get a more detailed description from the brief synopsis for each service below.

Top 10 Best Credit Monitoring and Identity Protection Services


Anywhere you go to check for credit monitoring reviews you are going to see Identity Guard on the top list.  While you don’t see them going crazy with advertising this titan of the identity theft protection services has probably the best name for service.  They come in number one for our rankings for a reason and you can learn more about those reasons with our IdentityGuard review.


With an ID health score to guide you in protecting your identity, Identity Force has a great reputation with its customers.  While not as large as some of the most well known names IdentityForce has definitely been able to set itself as a real player for identity protection.  Learn more about this top service HERE.


Everyone I know has seen the commercials where the CEO gives out  his social security number.  Life Lock definitely has the best marketing of any of the companies we reviewed.  The service does stand up as a good credit monitoring service and should be considered for anyone looking to protect themselves.  Get more information from our LifeLock review HERE.


Identity Fraud

ID Watchdog

Privacy Guard

Intellius Identity Protect

Equifax ID Patrol

LegalShield IDShield

Info Armour

Identity Secure

Safe ID Trust

USAA ID Protection

AAA ID Protection

EZ Shield

No matter what identity theft service you go through we recommend using a VPN on your personal computer, tablets, and cell phones.  While hackers cannot steal your identity with any of the above credit protection services, they can still do major damage to bank accounts and other already established accounts.  Check out our list of VPN reviews to get more info on protecting your online experience.