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Three Steps to Protect Yourself From Identity Thieves

Everyday it seems we see stories of some person or business getting hacked by identity thieves.  With each of us being more and more available to the Internet it is inevitable that we become more and more vulnerable to identity thieves and other entities tracking where we are going online.

At IT Net Central we are here to help you get the best information on protecting yourself from the criminals and government agencies that want to track your activity or steal your identity. To keep yourself safe we propose three layers of protection

Virtual Private Networks

A virtual private network (VPN) is a way to mask who you are when you are on the internet.  If you have ever ready Harry Potter then thin of it as an invisibility cloak for your web surfing.  You get to travel around the Internet and the VPN keeps you invisible to the hackers trying to intercept where you are going.  It also helps secure you when connecting to public Wifi.  We put together an entire article giving you the details of What is a VPN to help you get a better understanding of how the services work and protect you.

If you are familiar or less interested in the technical and realize that a VPN is something every internet user should have, then head over to our VPN reviews page to see rating for all the top VPN service providers (and write ups on every provider we could find).

Identity Theft Protection, Insurance, and Credit Monitoring

The final wall in our protection against identity theft is to have a service that focuses on making sure, that when all else fails, you suffer the least amount of loss. To do this you need to have active monitoring of you identity and credit.

In order to help you with this last step we are continuously trying services and doing identity theft protection reviews.  These reviews are in depth and will help you to pick a company that best meets your individual needs.

Get Protected

While there is no one method that will allow you to keep you and your family protected from identity thieves, using this three tier approach will keep you safer than any one service.  We hope that these recommendations are the best you see and will be a real service to you.  If you have any questions you can always contact us through the contact page.

Secure Password Management

Strong passwords are the most underutilized part of protecting yourself online.  I have even found myself using tired old easy to remember passwords from time to time.

The problem is that secure passwords are hard to remember.  This means that you are safe but have the hassle of remembering which password goes with which service. It’s a pain and none of us want to do it.

This is where password managers comes in.  Not only can it keep up with all your passwords it can also help you to create passwords that are almost unhackable.  Our password management software reviews will help you pick the right option for your needs and get it at the best possible price.